Mathematics and Statistics (Mathematik und Statistik)

Course given at Göttingen University, Module B.Geo.112 and B.ÖSM.119, 2 SWS, in German (but can be provided in English, as well)

Earth and environmental sciences requires fundamental understanding of basic priciples of the physics, mathematics and statistics that allow us to describe how endogenic and exogenic dynamics shape our planet, how species evolve and behave, and how measurements can be analysed and interpreted consistently and insightful. Perceiving and teaching the fundamental concepts of non-verbal descriptions of natural phenomena from a geo-scientific perspective is an essential step towards a more comprehensive degree course.

The practical course complements the corresponding lecture. In this course, you will learn how to work with number spaces, intervals, equations and linear systems of equations, functions and coordinate systems. You will work with statistic metrics, tests and approaches to multivariate data analysis. During the practical work, you will be able to learn R as a flexible tool to solve mathematical and statistic problems, a tool that will help you in further courses of your degree programme.

Materials to this course (slides, practical work, R notebooks, data sets) will be provided in due course