1.1 R – what?

R – What is R?

  • R is a language, a software and a philosophy
  • R is open, free, transparent and flexible
  • R is one of the most active languages/programmes

R – What is R, a bit more formal?

  • Free software for statistics and visualisation
  • Open-source GNU project, based on S (John Chambers)
  • primarily accessible via command line
  • High-level, interpreted, functional, object-oriented

Everything that is called in R is a function.

Everything that is created in R is an object.

R – What does "flexible" include?

  • R can be used for
    • Calculations and data visualisation
    • Image and sound manipulation
    • Internet and email scraping
    • Generation of reports
    • Writing of books
    • Generation of presentations

R is no spreadsheet tool because…

  • we do not explicitly see the data,
  • we explicitly write down what is done,
  • we have to think about data structure,
  • we combine functions almost all the time,
  • we usually generate graphical (not tabular) output,
  • we can easily work without touching the mouse.

  • R is object oriented and vector based.

R – Questions and Activities

  • Time: 5 minutes
    • Which five keywords describe R best?
    • What are pros and cons of "free and open software"?
    • Start RStudio, use R as a calculator
      • Calculate the volume of a sphere with 5 cm radius
      • Calculate the square root of the square of the cosine of a number

1.2 RStudio

RStudio – what?

  • RStudio is a graphical user and developer interface for R
  • A second skin to work more efficiently with R

RStudio – a first glimpse